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Are You Tired Too? Or Just Too Tired?

woman-2371363_640I don’t know what you’ve been seeing, but I’d love for you to share it with me sometime. If I’m totally honest, though, I’m not even sure what I’ve been seeing. But it is starting to come into focus. You see, I have several friends who I’ve talked to lately and they are tired. Just tired. I’m tired too. I’ve been diagnosed with fatigue – just a fancy way to say tired all the time.

There seems to be no cause, although I have a clue or two about a natural cause or two for my “condition.” I’ve been to the doctor, checked blood work, even visited the ER to make sure it wasn’t my heart acting up. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. My heart is fine. My bloodwork is perfect. So this is what got me started along this line of thinking. My question is Why are we all so tired? 

Is it spiritual?

Of course, there can always be a spiritual reason behind the things we experience in the natural. I recall being very young in the prophetic and experiencing natural manifestations of spiritual concerns. Those were some interesting lessons to learn, for sure! Maybe I’ll do some teaching on that in the upcoming weeks as it’s got a sound scriptural base. It’s funny (not haha funny) how we as prophetic people turn to a spiritual solution last, isn’t it? Why do you think that is? I keep thinking I’ve learned this already – but here I am trying to look in the natural for a reason behind my weariness. And the truth is, I do have lots of things I could point at that could be the cause of fatigue. But I’m pretty sure at this point that it’s not natural. Too many of us are trying to trudge through it.

It is Spiritual!

While I’ve been trying to sort through my own natural situation and find natural solutions, I’ve had something I thought was totally unrelated digging at my mind. I look at the state of our world, our country, our political climate. It’s a mess no matter what side of the political field you are on, lies abound. This has been warring at my soul for some time. I’ve never seen such deception at work, such destruction – and desire to destroy. I don’t even care if this offends you – abortion is murder. Yet we have a crowd of people fighting for the right to kill their own children in and out of the womb now. Gone is the natural inclination to protect and nurture. It’s evil. Period.

We have to understand we are not fighting a political battle here – we are fighting for the soul of our nation. I cannot yet describe the spiritual scene I see if the evil among us get their way in this election. I’m not trying to be political and I am not supporting a candidate. What I am saying though, is that if the spirit of deception and evil wins in this climate, there is a wave of lawlessness and debauchery that will sweep our nation.

A Biblical Parallel

When I look at our nation, I see Genesis 18 mirrored. It’s the scene of Sodom. God told Abraham that the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah was great. Why? Because their sin is very grave. I hear this outcry in the spirit. The messengers from God went down to see if it was as bad as they had heard. The men of the city begged for Lot’s visitors. They wanted to lie with them, have sex with them, and rape them. You see, homosexuality is not a new thing. It’s been around, it’s just more blatant than ever. Why? Because it’s more welcomed by our culture than ever. But it’s not new.

Lot protected the men God sent. It says in Genesis 19:9 that the men pressed so hard on the door of Lot’s house they nearly knocked it down. They were mad, determined, and evil. That’s the same spirits I see trying to gain a foothold today. It’s anti-Christ, anti-anything God. The cry is to “give me my evil ways with no restraints.” There is no desire to do what is right. There is no love for the truth. This spirit of lawlessness, evil, and debauchery is what is pressing against our souls day and night. 2 Peter 2:8 says that Lots soul was vexed by their unlawful deeds. (I suggest reading this whole chapter!)

Spirit of Lawlessness

You guys, we are not tired – we just feel tired. Our souls are being vexed by the spirit of lawlessness. This takes me to 2 Thessalonians 2. Paul said way back then that the spirit of lawlessness is already at work. (Verse 7) He goes on to say that it was being restrained until later. I believe we are living in a day when it may no longer be restrained and only the coming of the Lord will consume it.

Look at verse 9 – The coming of the lawless one (spirit of lawlessness) is according to the working of Satan, with power, signs, and lying wonders and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish BECAUSE they did not receive the love of the truth that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them a strong delusion that they should believe the lie that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 

We are living right in the middle of this scripture. Can you see it? And this is why we are tired! We are being vexed, tormented, pressed upon – day after day to give in to the spirit of lawlessness, to believe lies rather than the truth.

So, What Do We Do?

So what?  Right? I get the crushing, the pressing, the ongoing spiritual fight we face day after day. But as a believer, as a prophetic person – what am I supposed to do about it? We have to raise the standard of righteousness. We must not take pleasure in unrighteousness. We must press in to Him and remain intimate with Him. Paul started 2 Thessalonians chapter 2 with helpful instructions. Before he went on to explain the spirit of lawlessness, he said in verse 2 to not be soon shaken in mind or troubled, by spirit, by word, or by letter…. I don’t think we need to be troubled over these things. But I do hope we are “troubled” just enough to figure out our own salvation and where to stand with the standard of righteousness. We must gain or regain a love for the truth. We must not embrace anything else.

For some of us, it may mean less tv, staying off social media – it’s an individual thing. I’m just stating a couple of ways I plan on standing against this infiltration of lawlessness and unrighteousness. I purpose to get in the Word more – and let it take root in my heart more so I can uphold the standard of righteousness and stand against the wickedness of the day.

I’m Still Tired

Yes, I’m still tired. Maybe you are still tired – but it gives me the mental fortitude to press on when I understand the why. I think I hope this is a call to the true prophetic in the land to stand – and continue standing for righteousness and truth in the midst of a very wicked generation. We cannot afford to let our vision get skewed by the climate of our nation. Our focus must be on Him – on truth – and remain there. We will be more than tired if we are overcome by this wave. Where are the Jeremiahs? The Isaiahs? The Ezekiels, Elijahs, and Elishas? Are you being called to stand against the religious system of the day? Are you being called to stand against Jezebel? Where are you supposed to stand? I am asking myself these questions too.

We cannot let up. We must stand – after we’ve done all to stand. Stand with the armor of God determined to extinguish the fiery darts the enemy throws at us. We must remember our battle is not against flesh and blood. And that when we take up the armor of God it’s not our own – but with it, we will be able to stand in the evil day.


The Sound of Silence

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to see a whole picture here. While it’s not about me – but about the message – it seems there’ve been tons of things along the way that could have silenced me – silenced the prophetic voice. My guess is that it is across the board. The prophetic voice, in general, has been under attack. The goal? Silence.

The Why

The “why” is easy. Our archenemy doesn’t want life in the earth. He started it in the garden with Eve. Satan will do anything to silence the voice of God or get US to negate it in our lives. The prophet’s “job description” is to speak the words of God. We are His mouthpiece here in time, but we carry a timeless message. If silence doesn’t work the next goal is to distort, divert, and destroy.

Think about the OT prophets and how they faced obstacles all aimed at quieting them down – shutting them up. When Jesus was born, the king tried to destroy the Message by killing all the male babies. Same thing in Moses’ time. In the spirit world, there is a fight to keep the prophetic silent so life does not reign. With the true prophetic utterance, life springs forth.

The How

The how is interesting. Pretty much, it’s by any means possible. Right now in our world, there is an attempt to distort the message. The pure stream of the prophetic utterance is polluted and diluted with New Age. Rarely do we hear a pure word from God. The things being spouted as “prophetic” are largely brought on by emotional or “psychic” response. They are formed and shaped to fit the palate of today’s self-seeking generation. It’s all about finances, friendships, and feelings. It’s not so much about faith. With the stream diluted, people are led off course and into a surface religious experience without God. It’s a spiritual facade.

Distractions abound. This generation has so many distractions it’s difficult to focus on the One. We listen to teachers, read Bible apps, follow the latest movements – and think all these distractions are Him. All the while – we are being led off course. Saved? Yes. Aiming at the goal? Not so much. Focused on Him? No – mostly on ourselves. This part has been the easiest for the enemy to pull off.

We are encompassed by too many voices and we tend to listen to man before we consult with God. Inside and out the church has become humanistic – focused on our humanity and failing to realize our spirituality. Even our worship is about what He has done for US and less of about humility before a powerful loving God. While we should be thankful for all He’s done for us and through us – our worship should be directed at who He is – and focused on His attributes, not ours.

The Way

It’s time to refocus on Him. The prophetic stream cannot become diluted with this world’s ambitions. We need to come away and be with Him – let Holy Spirit shape us, teach us, and lead us. The prophetic utterance needs to come from an overflow of quiet time with Him – intimacy with Him. May we protect the prophetic voice and our hearts from distractions of this world, from humanistic thoughts, and from New Age thinking.

Let us return to Him with all our hearts. Let us cast away all things that hinder and distract us from Him.  And that is the true prophetic message, isn’t it? 🙂

It Tastes So Good

cinnamon rolls

Yesterday, I was feeding my son a pureed, prepared meal. They are very handy, but laden with salt and sugar two things I try to avoid because of the health risks they pose. While I was sitting there looking at his dessert, I thought of how dangerous white, processed sugar is to our bodies and the problems it can cause, the havoc it can wreak. As I was thinking of this huge problem that has overtaken our dietary world, this thought escaped. I wish I could rid the world of processed sugar and ban its production. 

As soon as I heard my thoughts, my imagination took off. I imagined the riots it would start if it were a banned substance. It was a bit funny as I let my mind run with it for a bit. But then, the harsh reality set it. The fact that we no longer care if it’s bad for us – we just want it. Some people don’t even want to know the truth about the disorder and health problems it causes. As a society, we consume it freely with no thought or care about the dangers. I thought we’ve become so accustomed to it in our foods we would think our foods tasted bad if we didn’t have it. The truth is though, that once you are off sugar, natural foods taste much better as your tastebuds are allowed to return to normal without being masked by sugar and salt. It may look at taste good – but it will kill you.


I thought about how the real has become unreal, masked but something that we got accustomed to and learned to like with no consideration to the future ramifications of consumption. The truth is today, for the most part, we just don’t care anymore. That’s what is so dangerous. We’ll eat anything. 

A Spiritual Parallel

bible blur book christian

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As soon as my mind had run this course on how we embrace, crave and can’t eat something so dangerous, I began to think along a different course. With sugar, we learned to like it and often refuse to admit it is really bad for our bodies. But here’s the true danger. Our society has done the same with sin. We allow a “little” here and there until just like sugar becomes part of our diet, sin becomes a welcomed part of our world. It no longer tastes bad. We no longer find it deplorable. Our society will no longer let us “condemn” what is wrong – just like we are not allowed to say sugar is bad for us.

As a society, we have become accustomed to evil. It “tastes” so good, we won’t condemn it, we embrace it. Herein is the danger. Evil has become good. Just like we don’t realize how much sugar is saturating our foods, we often fail to see how much evil has a penatrated and saturated society.

Isaiah 5:20 says this What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter. Yet the parallel is that the same way we have been washed away with misguided beliefs about sugar (and salt) in our diets, we are embracing evil as a society. This is the danger. When we do not acknowledge something is bad for our bodies because we made it taste good to us, it doesn’t negate the evil effect. When we do not recognize evil for what it is and embrace it, just like sugar will take our bodies down eventually – evil will take our society down as well.

We may not (or may) be responsible for society and the world around us, for sure. But in our own hearts, we must begin to draw that line between good and evil. That was one of the functions of the OT prophets – declaring what was holy and what was profane. Haggai asked a question in chapter 2. He asked if one of you is carrying meat from a holy sacrifice in his robes and his robe happens to brush against some bread or stew, wine or olive oil, or any other kind of food, will it become holy?” Of course, the priests’ answered no. But then Haggai asked this – If someone becomes ceremonially unclean by touching a dead person and then touches any of these foods, will the food be defiled?  And of course, the priests said, yes.  The prophet’s point was that holiness is not contagious – but unholiness is.

We cannot begin to explain the detriments of sugar to our world. They won’t get it. We also cannot stand up and shout the sins of our nation – unless God tells us to, of course! lol. They just won’t get it. But what we can do is keep our temple clean and holy. We must begin to draw that line personally between the holy and the profane. It’s often just as painful and difficult as removing sugar and salt from the diet. 🙂 But it is necessary. Someone’s got to draw the line – is that person you?

In Due Season

Trees in FallAs I was driving around to run errands this morning, I noticed the beautiful fall leaves. I thought how those same colorful trees will be bare in just a few weeks as winter settles in. My thoughts ran along the line of how the trees must get rid of all their leaves in order to live through the harsh winter. In a sense, they have to cast off as much as possible, so they do not have to sustain them during the difficult months.

This took my thoughts to the tough times in life. Personally, I’ve been in a wintertime for about nine years now. But while I was thinking about all this, God showed me a beautiful new budded branch. I thought, wow, a blossom in the winter, how untimely that would be. And then I started hearing something else.

God’s In Charge of the Seasons

God is not governed by the seasons although He set them in order. Nature is still at His command. He can roll back the Red Sea any time He wants. He can make naturally bitter water sweet. He can make a tree bloom in the winter if He wants to.

We go through tough times, difficult, hard things. They can be like winter and we learn to shuck off everything that is not totally necessary for life, just to survive. Although painful, this is not a bad thing. We learn what is truly important and what is replaceable or removable.

But in those difficult times, God is going to cause new life to spring forth. Whether it is spring or not. He lines things up with His timeline, not ours. This really blessed my heart, so I started thinking along those lines. One thing that ran through my mind was Aaron’s rod and how it budded. When I got home I looked it up and sure enough, it was an almond tree. In Numbers 17 we find the story of the rebellious Children of Israel. In the previous chapter the earth had opened up and swallowed a bunch of them, but they were still whining and complaining – about leadership really.

Budding of Aaron’s Rod

So, in chapter 17 we find that God had them take a rod for each tribe, 12 in all. They put the 12 rods in the tabernacle and in the morning, Aaron’s rod had budded, bloomed and borne fruit. Wow! Think about that for just a minute – not only was it out of season, it was out of tree. It was a rod. Basically, a long stick that had been separated from the tree for a very long time. But God brought forth fruit. In a day.

After thinking about that, I thought about the almond branch in Jeremiah. Jeremiah 1:11-12 says this: The word of the Lord came to me saying, “What do you see, Jeremiah?” And I said, “I see a rod of an almond tree.” Then the Lord said to me, “You have seen well, for I am watching over my word to perform it. Without even considering the significance of the almond branch itself, this is rich.

Fruit in His Season

Let me see if I can tie this all together. We have Aaron’s rod – totally detached – and God brought forth ripe almonds overnight. Then we have the Lord showing the prophet that He is watching over His word to perform it. When God speaks a word into your life or over you – it will come to pass in His season. And the present season of your life has no bearing on it at all. God is in control and He will see to it that every word He has spoken about you comes to fruition.

I think we are in a day where we will see the words God has spoken about us come to pass fast. Just like He caused the rod to bloom and bear fruit overnight, He is going to cause the words He’s spoken to come to maturity. He’s watching over His words – written and otherwise – to ensure they come to pass just as He declared.

We do need to get our eyes off our circumstances – off the season. Are you in a winter season? Is it dry and hard? Are you famished spiritually? (Many are.) God is going to move past the obvious and cause fruit to grow supernaturally. We are like plants in a way. When life gets difficult, and we walk through hard times – the dark night of the soul Oswald Chambers said – we crawl away and hide. We tend to just survive and don’t even think about bearing fruit. We may even feel like Aaron’s rod. Cut off. Dried up. No roots. No support system to supply nutrients. Dead. But God is going to speak life and we will blossom and bear fruit because He is our source.

So be encouraged today. Know that He knows where you are. Nothing is hidden from His sight. He knows how dry it is. He understands being cut off. He knows. But it only moves Him to act on your behalf. The things He has planted in you are going to happen. The words He spoke will come to pass. Don’t be discouraged and don’t be misled. While it feels like that dry rod is sitting to the side through the dark night – it will bud and bear fruit in the morning. And morning is coming, no matter what the season is.






Calling the Authorities!

It’s not unusual for me to have dreams. I have lots of them and many times they are significant. One thing I dream about often is babies. They are usually symbolic of the church in one way or another. Sometimes I know exactly what they mean and its application. Other times they unfold over time, or Holy Spirit reveals the meaning to another person.

Last night I had a dream about a baby. It troubled me greatly when I woke up this morning and tried to go about my day. That’s usually a sign that it is significant and I won’t be able to shake it until I find out what God is trying to say.

The baby in my dream was more of a toddler and it was a boy. His mother had not been feeding him and he was very ill. He had grown weak and was beginning to show serious signs of malnutrition. My heart was broken, but the mother was there and I thought she would take care of it. I left for a period of time and when I returned, he had wiggled his way out to the carport. Unable to stand, he was pretty much writhing around on the ground. His eyes had swollen shut and his body was beginning to be deformed due to the lack of proper nutrition. I was grieved and went in the house to find the mother and tell her we would have to call DHS as it could go on no longer.

As I was walking through the house looking for the mother of the child, I realized how untidy it was. There were things piled up everywhere, similar to, but not quite as bad as some of the extreme hoarders seen on TV. I thought, if we call DHS we will get in trouble for the house being this messy and we might lose our other baby too. But I was determined, due to the compassion I had for the small child.

I briefly shared the dream with my prophet/friend and she immediately said: the baby is the church who is malnourished. It’s time for you to call in the authorities. And that was about it. As I continued to think about the dream and the small child being the church lying there, in anguish, malnourished and dying, I was moved with compassion and began to pray about what that meant and what my role was. Then God began to reveal more to me.

The child is indeed the church who is malnourished and even deformed due to the lack of proper feeding and nutrition. Over the last few years the American church has become more of a social playground which is introverted and concerned only about their own agenda. The focus on the Kingdom of God has been lost as each has taken an intrinsic view of themselves and built what I refer to as the kingdom within. The church is an organism – in anatomy, intrinsic means to belong to or lie within a given part. The church of today fails to look outside its four walls. It welcomes those who come into the circle but forgets that one single local assembly does not make up the whole body of Christ. Rather than feed the body on the meat of the word, we placate the “body” with words that make us feel good about ourselves rather than challenge us to live up to God’s holy standard. We sing to ourselves and dance among ourselves and do what makes us feel happy and good about being in church while the world on the outside is dying and going to hell and the spiritual church is dying of malnutrition.

Now I have to turn my attention to another part of the dream – the dirty house. You can all rest easy though because I felt this is applicable to me. My house is dirty – I have let things pile up and ignored things and let things go that should have been attended to. However, I also represent the prophet in the body of Christ. So while I feel I have many things to fix up, shore up and repent of – so does the prophet of today. Too many times the prophet gets caught up in the same dance as the church. We can get comfortable in the cave (ignoring the truth) or on a chain (held by man’s limitations). We are not in this thing for the local assembly. The five-fold was placed for the body. But when we are not doing all God has told us and showed us to do, the house gets all piled up with stuff that just gets in the way. We hesitate to truly and earnestly call on Holy Spirit even on behalf of the church because we’ll have to clean our house too.

But if we don’t stand up and speak up – not only will we see death today – the other baby – another generation – will be malnourished and lost as well.

I’m calling myself to repentance first. Prophets, we must remove distractions (even those “in the church”) and focus on what He says and on letting Him restore the five-fold. The authority I believe to be representative of the apostolic where every piece is in its place and functioning properly. Once the first cog, the prophetic, starts moving and flowing like it’s supposed to the rest can line up and begin to function in conjunction with each other for the building up of the body of Christ…to a mature man of full stature. That includes everything from edification to feeding to toilet training! But it takes the 5-fold to do it.

It’s not about us “getting” to do what we are called to do. It’s about each of us fulfilling our purpose in the body to ensure the child is okay, to make sure it is nourished, nurtured and cared for so it endures to another generation. All of a sudden, I’m not thinking just what do I have to do to please God? Even though that is a good thing – but I’m starting to pray – how do I help this child live?  Cleaning up those areas in our lives that we’ve kinda “let go” is easy when we think about it effecting a generation who needs to know Him. It’s not just about finding fulfilment and a “place” but it’s about being able to pour into the body and see them nourished and grow to full maturity. It may start with me – but it does not end with me.


The Prophet and the Church

Some things unfolded this morning on my job and I believe the Lord is using it to share a message. Hopefully, I can share it clear enough that the prophetic community can benefit.

I work as a freelance writer as well as for an online company. One of the things the company is wanting to do is start a fitness challenge or program. As all of us work from home, we get far less movement in a day than someone who works at a brick and mortar office. I think it’s a good thing, especially since I am over half way done with my classes to be a health coach and I really anticipated getting to be a part of helping put together the fitness challenge at work. But what happened was  a couple of guys started getting it together. As I learned this news this morning, my feelings were not really hurt, but I felt overlooked and somehow undervalued.

My mind and heart went off in a whirl of thoughts and pictures and I think God was sharing with me something for the prophets and the church today. So bear with me while I share the thought process.

I’m a certified health coach. It’s what I want to do. I’m in the process of setting up a website and trying to obtain my first clients. I’ve been studying and working for the certification for some time now as I anticipate going with it full time at some point in the future. Even though I am sitting here with the knowledge, experience and direction they could use, I’m ignored for whatever reason. Please understand, I took none of this personal, God just used it to show me something. Maybe it’s because I’m a girl! Maybe it’s because they don’t know! Who knows why – but here I sit longing to participate – but totally ignored.

How many times has the prophet seen this in the church? Maybe the leadership has asked for input, maybe they have not. But many times we have the direction or insight that can help in particular situations, but for whatever reason, we are not allowed. God placed the prophet in the church for edification, exhortation and comfort. We are the eyes and mouthpiece of God. He allows us to see through His eyes and then gives us His words to speak. But what if no one is listening?

As a health coach, the very thing the company is ignoring that is swelling up inside of me – will be what I will end up doing later on. Eventually, my whole direction will change and health coaching won’t be on the side – it will be my job. What they ignore in me – will be my primary function later on somewhere else. That is parallel to the prophet and the church. We sit  ignored, full of God’s word, His insight, or His direction and guidance. The very thing they ignore – will be what will explode in us later on as we will continue to function in the office outside the walls meant to confine us. The prophet will function – what we do will come out somewhere, in some way; it can’t be confined.

Many times, it’s not on purpose. The church just doesn’t know what to do with the prophet. Other times, it’s very purposeful and they want to silence the prophet. But what God has put inside of us will find a way out. To the prophet, I would say be patient with the church  they may not know. To the church, I would say, don’t ignore the prophet. Many times we must both wait and even sit until it’s the perfect timing – a fullness of time. It drives us crazy, yes! But we must be patient and not get ahead of God or the church. Church leaders – figure out what role the prophet plays – why you know them – why you came in contact with them. Find out if God sent them and if He did – ask Him what their role is. It’s time to learn, grow and be patient with one another. We need each other – He needs us to be able to work together for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Who Knew?

It seems that there are many more tragedies than ever before. Just last week there was a huge explosion in a plant in Texas which ended up wiping out a large portion of a small town. This came on the heels of the Boston Marathon bombing. For those of us who are prophetically inclined it can be easy to start to beat ourselves up with questions like Why didn’t I see that coming? Most of the prophetic community that I have talked to after these events felt like something was going on but we were not able to get our minds around the emotions we were feeling.

Sometimes it seems like as prophets there is a lot of pressure on us to know some things. But we don’t know what we don’t know! I think this pressure comes from our religious backgrounds were we are sort of expected to be aware of things. Now, let me say that many times we do know. There are distinct times when He shares with His prophets what is about to happen in the world or in the church. Sometimes He has us share; other times He has us watch.

I think Jeremiah fits here. He knew that the Children of Israel were going into captivity. He told them what to do to avoid it – and of course they didn’t. So then he told them how to behave during the captivity in order to survive. They still didn’t listen. That’s one of our most frustrating situations. You know those times that you are certain that He spoke and no one seems to be listening? We know them all too well. Our mandate is to speak when He says to speak and share when He says to share and to be silent when He tells us to be quiet. We are not mandated to know everything before it happens.

I am certain that there were some prophetic people who knew of Boston before. That’s possible and probable. I would like to state here that I am wary of prophets who always knew but they don’t ever let you know until after the instance. That’s too easy – and many of us fall into that trap of Oh, of course I knew. Again – we are not called to know anything but Him. He will reveal to us the things we wants us to know and nothing more. Now I will also add this, that there are times when we fail to stay close enough to Him to hear His breath or we are too far away to hear His thoughts.

Either way you want to slice it up – go easy on yourself. He will tell you what He wants you to know – He can also blind you to what He doesn’t want you to see! We cannot get bent out of shape over the things we don’t know. What we can do is press in to Him and keep ourselves in His love and in His presence so we will be aware of what He is doing. We really do not know what we don’t know – so relax. Our job is to just know Him and let the rest fall into place. Whatever we do it is very important to not succumb to the pressures of religion which try to dictate to the prophet what they are supposed to know and share. We must stay close to Him and allow Him to share with us and show us what He wants us to know. It is also important to share when He says share and only what He tells us to share. It’s up to God what we know – not us.

While I weep for our nation and those affected by the Boston bombing and the explosion in Texas – I must allow Him to bring healing and commit to staying closer to Him than ever before. There’s no way to know what might be around the corner – but we know where to run. Moses didn’t know they were going to face the Red Sea, that Pharoah was going to pursue, that Korah was going to rebel…he just did what he was told. And we should follow suit! Today let us commit to trust Him even more and wait to see what He wants to share with us.

Go Climb A Tree

I know most of you have probably seen the quote that’s been going around facebook. My interpretation of it is something like this: just because a fish can’t climb a tree doesn’t mean they have a learning problem. I know it sounds kind of funny but if we are not careful we can do things like this to people all the time. You know what I mean, asking them to do things outside their gifting or what we think the ‘norm’ is.

We in the church can be very bad about this. We ask people to match our religious ideas and call it serving God. And when people do not fit our mold we say there is something wrong with them. I love the picture I get in my mind of telling the fish to climb a tree! You could try to get a monkey to swim too! (sorry had to take a moment to giggle!)

The thing is that the prophetic is in this category too many times. It seems they want us to be able to “march along like good little soldiers” and don’t disrupt their order. And if you cannot just go along with the crowd you are the one that is labeled as having (or being) a problem.

Prophets, let me tell you (us) something: we are never going to be able to be like everyone else. You were not made to walk like everyone else, talk like everyone else, or be like everyone else. And you know what? You don’t have to! And really – you were not built to. So if you cannot climb the religious tree it does not mean there is something wrong with you!

I really think this is one of the most difficult struggles we face – the pressure we feel to not “rock the boat.” And it comes from others as well as from ourselves. We really do not make people mad on purpose and we don’t throw a wrench in the best made plans of man because we meant to. You know what I am talking about. You’re all sitting around discussing one of the church’s next big “projects” and a question comes to mind because things aren’t making a whole picture. So you innocenly throw the question out there…..then there’s that dreaded silence. It’s too late – you didn’t know you were going to disrupt the continuity of reiligion…it just happened. And try as you may there’s no way to suck those words back in your mouth! There’s not some big eraser to get rid of the awkward moment either. And this is why we grow silent. All because we really do not set out on purpose to rock the religious boat. And we get labeled – a rebel, one who refuses to get along. Yeah, I know, I was always one who was labeled as does not play well with others. All because I would not climb their religious tree….

So today lighten up on yourself. Enjoy the weird way God wired us! Relax….breathe!!! Just be who He called you to be – love HIm – love yourself and don’t worry about the rest! Be who He called you to be… none of those people holding labels will be sitting anywhere near the throne on judgment day!


Sometimes I Hate “Knowing”…

I think knowing things is one of the most difficult things prophets face. And it is really complicated when you do not feel like you can, or should share. What I find very frustrating is when I know something’s end…but not the in between. There’s that red flag that goes off in my spirit and warning sirens wail…but I do not know enough about the in between to make sense to anyone else…. is it just me?

The main example I will give to keep this discussion out of my “right now” life… is when I was at Bethel. I just knew the church was going to merge with another. But I also knew that it would in terribly. I could not explain it. I messed up in a lot of ways because I said too much at times, and too little at others. I spent many days lying on my floor grieved in my spirit and crying out to Him…even though I did not understand it at all. And I had no one to explain it to me either. I just wept…and wept…with no explanation.

Of course when the merger happened, it looked so perfect. I just sat stunned…wondering. It had everyone’s endorsement or so it seemed…yet I greived in my spirit. Then the day came that there was a split. We sat in our pastor’s house as he explained why “we” were leaving. Everyone cried and wept…and I sat stone silent. Finally, someone asked me why I was not upset. Without even thinking about it at all, I said, “I cried all my tears 3 years ago when we merged.” That was when I realized that the prophet’s emotions are not always in step with everyone elses. We work through things before they happen and seem cold-hearted when they occur. Or we cry over things that haven’t happened yet while others are trying to figure out what is wrong with us…lol! It’s not us. We are just not bound by time. We walk in His timing and according to what is going on in the Spirit realm. That’s why we appear so out-of-step with everyone else.

So today – relax. Cry, shout, sing, laugh – do whatever Holy Spirit is doing in you. Just remember that you are walking in His time and not necessarily in sync with what is going on around you…then just nod …and smile! And know that we must live from a different place. Selah.

I Must Repent!

Yeah, you read that right – I am repenting today…changing today. I’m shaking.. but I’m repenting! You see there has been this scripture I had a very strong opinion about. It’s in Exodus where the Children of Israel told Moses that they were afraid to go up to the mountain- you go on up Moses, and tell us what He says and we’ll do it. My opinion was how weak..and how sad.  I mean how could they say that sort of thing?…but from here I understand… but here’s some background.

I was actually running about a million questions through my head (and that’s only a mild understatement…) and I wondered what it would be like to think about God without attaching Him to this world in any way. Think abou it – we always tend to think about Him in light of healing, deliverance, prosperity, etc. But what’s He like without all that? What’s He like if we can separate Him from what He does for us?

In my thinking I tried to think about what He’s like – not what He does. In my mind I saw this light that is beyond bright – I immediately understood the scripture that says no man can approach it.  So I am running down the road but seeing this entity of light in front of me…I was speechless and thought about how many references I have heard to the thunderings of God of late. And about that time there was this thunder like sound that started to come from the light…honestly – it shook my entire being and I had to back out! I didn’t even get any more than a small taste of this thunder sensation…

Immediately I thought about the scripture in Psalm 29 that talks about the sound of the Lord. This psalm says things like:

the voice (sound) of the Lord is powerful

the voice (sound) of the Lord is full of majesty

the voice (sound) of the Lord breaks the cedars

the voice (sound) of the Lord shakes the wilderness…

And now I understand…and I have to repent of my thoughts about the children of Israel all these years. When we are actually exposed to His Sound…it brings immediate humility…immediate quietness in response…And I still must say that I am still reluctantly pursuing embracing His sound.

When we hear the sound of the Lord it will bring change…because it will shake us to the core. It’s not a little chill bump and it’s over and we can smile and say, wasn’t it great? It is a life changing event…

are you ready?

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